BVBC Snack Guidelines


Maria and Mike published the following to answer the many questions they regularly get:

The budget is ~$50-$60; mainly you want to prepare snacks that can be sold for enough to cover your costs. If you’re a bit new to this, you may want to stick to the $50 budget. If you will go over $50-$60 be sure to check with the Galley Master or Mike so they can make your event successful.


Timing is Very Important.  You need to be ready with something by 5:30 PM.  At 8-8:30 you can wrap it up.  If you haven’t broken even and there will be a band showing up, you might be better off continuing until you sell out or have broken even.

It’s smart to check out the galley, or call the Galley Master the day before and see if there are leftovers that you might want to use.

What snacks for 30 – 40 members can you provide for $50? Check out  Here are some past snacks that have worked:

  • DIY Tacos: You can make your taco meat; you can buy and cut up Costco chickens, or use Costco pre-cooked chili verde, etc. Get tortillas (you can warm them up on the grill and keep them warm in a tortilla keeper), shredded cheese, salsa, maybe fresh onions/cilantro/lettuce (up to you).
  • Tamales: A box of tamales at Restaurant Depot is about $45, just heat them in a steamer tray and sell them with some salsa.
  • Pizzas: You can get pizzas at Costco and dress them up with some sliced onions.
  • Soup: Make a delicious soup and get some baguettes or rolls to go with (be sure the club has bowls or hot cups).
  • Frito boats/chili bean salad: Make chili or buy a couple of giant cans of chili, shredded cheddar cheese, several large bags of Fritos and a bag of salad. You have the “boats” (bowls or food trays), folks put in Fritos and chili or salad and chili and a few Fritos on top.
  • Fresh or frozen appetizers like egg rolls, lumpia, empanadas, chicken wings, etc. I like to add some cucumber slices to this kind of thing.
  • Meals: Some folks like making a dinner-type thing like pasta, salad, and bread; or baked chicken, potatoes, and bread; or falafels and kebobs and fixings. If you want to do something like that, it is fine. BUT, make sure you are confident that you will sell enough to make back the money you spent (or at least get close) AND be aware that some folks may only want some of the meal as their snack, so give them a break on the price.

THE MAIN THING is to provide a nice snack that covers its costs. You can use the warmers to keep things warm if you want. You should monitor the money collection (and don’t put the food out before you put the money collection pitcher out). Write on the money collection pitcher what you are selling and how much. ALSO: Have Fun! FNS is about members doing something for members, but do what you think will be nice and not knock yourself out.

AT THE END of the night, ask the bartender to give you the Friday Night Snack monies-received and Pay Out envelopes (one for each) and fill them out. The envelopes are kept in the second drawer in from the opening, behind the bar. You will be reimbursed on the spot, even if you came up short on the monies-received. Also, please make an entry in the Bar Log as to what you served, and what you charged, what you spent, and what you made (money-wise).